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Euro Indicator

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Package of 3

8" Dacron sighters

Available in Orange or Yellow in two versions:

Loop/Ring ($5.95 pk) & Loop/Loop ($4.95 pk)

This model of the Euro is designed for off color water where the fish won't be spooked by the fly line, or for small creeks where you don't need much line for your cast.

How the Euro indicator works: 

To begin, the Euro is an 8” piece of bright Dacron with black stripes, which makes it is easy to see in the water. It is much more sensitive than sighters made of mono or plastic, making it easier to see subtle takes.  Ideal conditions are a shallow stream or river, 3 feet or less in depth.  The Euro is most amazing in riffles or shallow, fast moving water when a traditional indicator is ineffective or hard to manage. It is also highly effective when casting to a stream bank or beneath low hanging trees.

Fishing with the Euro is simple.  As shown in the diagram, the Euro attaches to the end of your fly line. It will be approximately 3 ft. from your 1st fly and not visible to the fish as it drifts downstream. Casting the Euro is very much like casting a sink tip floating line. Your cast is a straight line cast to the target area. In other words, you are fishing in a straight line with gradual sink action, as opposed to targeting a 90 degree angle below a yarn indicator. There is also less line to manage, which allows for quicker and repeated casts to the target area, much like dry fly casting. Very little mending is needed. Once a trout takes your fly, the ultra sensitive Euro hesitates in the water, you are able to react immediately and set the hook. 

Additional advantages when using the Euro: 

1st, you become more accurate at reaching a target area because there is less wind drag on your cast. 

2nd, no adjustment to the Euro is needed as you fish different water depths, eliminating that hassle from your routine.

3rd, you can slap the water to clean your flies and practically cast in the same motion. (Dirty flies are a common reason trout refuse nymphs)  You never have to worry about your indicator sliding on the line, popping off during a cast, or getting tangled with your light weight tippet. The Euro simplifies the process of presenting your flies to the trout.

How to rig the Euro

The Euro is available in two versions: looped at both ends and loop/tippet ring.  You can attach your 3x tippet to the double loop version with a perfection knot, or tie your 3x directly to the tippet ring version.

 Attach a tippet ring to the end of the 3x tippet, or attach 3x to 5x tippet with surgeon’s knot, leaving approximately 12 inches to your 1st fly.

 (Your split shot or putty weight goes above the tippet ring or knot that attaches the 3x to the 5x).

 Finish your rig by tying a 12” piece of 6x tippet to your 1st fly and attach your 2nd fly.

 You are ready!

Our Euros are treated to aid in floatation, however a floatant may be applied from time to time if needed.

Also available in Pre-Rigged Euro version