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Feb. 15

Flows are at 335 cfs. and are scheduled to go down to 300 cfs Friday to start conserving water - no snow in the mountains!!!! Water clarity about the same (1.5 ft). I have not been able to get out this week but speaking with a couple of my customers things are the same as they have been (see below) - one reports he took some good fish along with lots of dinks on a black Ice Cream Cone midge. Fish & Game stocking reports says they put another  20,000 dinks in the quality section again last week.

Feb. 1 

Flows are at 360 cfs, and the water visibility remains around 1 ½ feet.

Fishing conditions are about the same as my last time out. The fish are stacked up in the holes with the lower flows – there was not much going on in the shallows today. Crowds were light – I fished the Middle flats area and for a couple hours it was just me and a local angler I’d met before there. With the mid 60 degree temps by noon it was more like spring than winter and it was great until the wind started to kick up around 2 pm.

Lots of action on the stockers put in a couple weeks ago as well as the batch stocked in late fall. They are pretty much a nuisance now – just about every other cast would get bumped – but by this fall they should offer much more fun and by next spring they will be nice fish. It was easy to get careless on the takes thinking it was another dink and find out you got through to a bigger fish. That happened several times and I wound up losing some fish I shouldn’t have. There wasn’t much of a hatch today in that area but when it did start up some of the bigger fished moved to the drop offs and resulted in some nice fish to the net. I was using a Mini Mac with a KF emerger trailing  (both size 24 dk olive) and the other angler had a tiny leech with a Scintilla midge behind – both rigs worked about the same. I tried some other emergers replacing the KF with similar results.

I walked down through the Braids in the early afternoon (lots of the little buggers sipping midges on the surface) and then spent a bit of time at the top of Texas Hole before I left – things were the same down there.

Looks like the weather will be about the same for the next 10 days or so – the action on the better fish should be from OK to very good depending on the bug activity from day to day – it can be sporadic this time of year. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the flows are ramped up some allowing the fish to spread out a bit and ease the pressure on them.




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