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Oct. 13 

Flows are at 610 cfs today with excellent visibility, and the mosquito issue appears to be over, up river anyway.

Usually I hesitate to get out to the river during the weekend with the crowds, but having caught up on orders I couldn’t resist to head out with the temps back up from the cold snap (17 degrees at 7 am) a few days ago and enjoy the fall fishing. And for sure there were crowds – I didn’t get to the Texas Hole lot until about 10:30 and it was close to full. I had thought about hitting the lower flats but that lot was also full as I passed by so the walk up to the Upper Flats seemed like the best option. There were anglers there, but not near so many as down below and there is lots of water available to check out.

The first thing I noticed was how much the moss has grown in 10 days – really a nuisance for wading and also to keep your midges clean! But I fished up there for an hour and got 4 nice fish on the in-line euro rig – 2 on a brown annelid and 2 on a new red larva pattern. Mid week I had a chance to fill my fly box up after losing the majority upon dropping it in the water, and I kept eyeing a box of Gamakatsu size 20 barbless red scud hooks I usually ignore because they have such small eyes. My red annelid patterns are red hooks  wrapped with light olive tubing (as shown to me by Ray at Float N Fish) but I decided to try these red scud hooks wrapped with orange tubing. Held up to the light there is a great orange halo effect around the red hook  – anyway both fish that bit it did so aggressively and I got another downstream on it as well. Whether it was the orange that triggered or just something they haven't seen I don't know but I'll certainly try it again next time out. Not sure what I’ll call it – maybe orange glo larva.

After that I went down to Middle Flats to work my way back to the lot before I fizzled out – Middle Flats was really crowded and I walked around the shallow runs trying to find a target to cast to but in most cases the fish saw me first and made a beeline to my feet – that is a real issue now with the clear water as is the norm this time of year. I did manage one nice fish to go along with the dinks in that area. About 1:30 a decent hatch started up and there were lots of dinks sipping on the surface along with some better fish here and there but not enough to switch over to a dry fly. I’ll venture later in the evening when the crowds thin out in that area you may fare well tossing dries – there are some nice fish hanging out in the lower flats section.

Venturing down along the Braids there I got another 2 hookups with a mini mac on fish I spotted but lost them both - not many shallow fish that I could find through there. By then it was time to head out, and while the fishing was a challenge with all of the angler pressure it was a spectacular day to be on the river and it was extremely enjoyable.

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