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10/19 - flows down to 400 cfs today

10/15 - flows down to 500 cfs today


Flows are at 570 cfs and the water remains clear.

Having not been able to hit the river for just short of three weeks, It was one of those “have to get away” days, even for a few hours, and with the forecast for temps in the 50’s, cloud cover and low winds, I had visions of getting into non-stop surface action tossing dries to fat trout slurping baetis as they emerged (by all the folks on the river today I wasn’t the only one). Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the baetis today along the stretch from the Texas hole boat ramp on down to where the channel splits. I’m not sure what’s happened to the baetis activity but every year it seems to be more and more sporadic in the areas I frequent since I located here 6 years ago.

But there was a good midge hatch going on and the 5”ers they stocked in the spring are now in the 8-9” range, and they were slurping midges on the surface just about everywhere. If you like to toss dry flies there are lots of dinks to be had on the standard midge dry patterns (fore/aft – G. Gnat, etc.) but if you want to get into the bigger fish I’d stick to the midge & annelid nymphing. I caught a few medium size  fish on a bigger offering (klinkhamer) but I never saw any decent size fish slurping.  I love catching trout on a dry pattern as much as anybody, but today was a reminder that if you want to target the bigger San Juan fish you will get better results with nymphing.

Oh well, today was more about just getting out to the river for a couple hours so I didn’t mind. The midges were in the 24-26 range today – I could hear the nearby anglers telling their buddies what was getting bit – standard midge fare – zebras, emergers with a bit of flash, etc., although with all the guys wading today I would have been tossing an annelid pattern as well – lots of those being kicked up by the waders.

The fall temps are here  (snow last night up above in the Colorado Mtns) – the cottonwoods are turning yellow  -  if you are headed this way it’s a great time to get on the river.


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