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August 19 

Flows are at 1,270 cfs with visibility still about 3 feet. Flows are scheduled to go up to 1450 cfs tomorrow – here is a release from BOR as well:

“Based on current conditions and flow forecasts, which are for warm dry weather, high releases (1,000-1,500 cfs) are expected from the dam through the first two weeks of September, after which the release will most likely be decreased back below 1000 cfs. “

So hearing that I'm glad I got out today before the flows went up more – wading some of the faster current, especially trying to get up river, is at times challenging for an old guy. Fortunately I had my wading staff, as always – otherwise I would have taken a couple spills along the bedrock sections which are really moss covered now and with the faster current are slick!

Anyway, I got my 3 hours in and actually had an excellent morning. I got on the water about 9:30 and never moved from the same Middle Flats hole for 2 hours, landing 5 nice quality fish along with losing a couple others that got into the current and I couldn’t get below them. In between the good fish there were many, many hookups with the dinks in the area. When the midges were hatching you could spot the shadows of the bigger fish feeding aggressively, and if you get a good drift near it usually resulted in a take. In between midge activity the dinks would keep you busy. From time to time I’d spot some medium size fish taking adult midges off the surface in the faster runs. I was using a size 24 dk olive mini mac and would alternate trailers – wd40, bling,  Kf emerger and foam wing. The dinks loved all of the patterns but all of the big fish except one took the mini mac. Before I forget, I was using a lot more weight to get the flies down in the faster flows (I use tungsten beads instead of split shot as they don’t fall off) – twice as much actually – closer to a size 2 or 4 split shot as opposed to the size 6 or 8 when the flows are 600 cfs or less. One other thing – with all the foam in the water with the faster current, a white indicator is not the way to go – easy to lose sight of! I pretty much always use yellow yarn now when I’m not fishing the Euro rig. It’s a nice pale yellow when you brush it out and contrasts nicely with all of the white on the water.

Anyway, it was a great day out – lots of geese and ducks flying in, and 3 Osprey were fishing the area as well and that was fun to watch!

One last thing I forgot to put in last week’s report – while wading down at the lower flats we got visited by a couple game wardens coming down in canoes – checking licenses and making sure your hooks were de-barbed.  Glad to see them out enforcing things.

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