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April 15

Flows are at 333 cfs - the water visibility is still poor. I haven't been out but received an email from one of my customers that brought some first time anglers out on a trip and he said they got into some fish. One of the fly shops on the river is also reporting about the same. If you are headed this way bring along bright patterns or leeches/buggers as an attractor along with annelids & red larva.

April 5

Flows lowered back to 290 cfs at the downstream gage - here is another news release from Navajo Operations today:

"The release at Navajo Dam was switched back over to the 4x4 outlet overnight due to issues with water turbidity. The release point will stay at this location, likely through the weekend, as spot work is completed. The flow will remain at 350 cfs.

For those concerned with water turbidity, unfortunately, it appears the clarity is impacted all the way up to the main intake structure in the reservoir.  This is likely due to cold, dense, turbid inflows that have entered the reservoir all spring, combined with low reservoir storage."

Doesn't sound like the water clarity is going to be any better for awhile according to this.



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