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Nov. 27-28

Flows are at 590 cfs and the water is still clear up river - down below it is somewhat off color due to the rain/snow run off from the storm earlier in the week.

My friend Dave from California came out for a short Thanksgiving visit, and despite the cold and windy forecast for Wednesday we headed to Middle Flats. On the drive there Dave called one of the Navajo Dam bilologists (whom he has spoken with on numerous occasions) about recent San Jaun fish shocking conducted to test the health of the fishery (as mentioned to me by customer Martin). Evidently they found a very healty population of fish, including a good number of really large browns from Cable Hole down along the main channel to the top of Texas Hole - claiming overall the San Juan is in good shape fish wise.

We got to the Texas Hole parking lot about 10 am and there were only 2 drift boat car & trailers and one other car. We didn’t see another angler on the river until 2 pm, and we had the whole Middle Flats area to ourselves. Despite the 31 degree cold (rod guides freezing until around noon) and a biting wind, we had an excellent day working the different spots of Middle Flats. With the cloud cover we couldn’t sight fish with the Euro indicator so we were both rigged with the yellow yarn indicator, a new earthworm pattern I’ve been testing since a customer gave me the suggestion, and the Orange Glo larva. We didn’t change patterns for a couple hours because there was no need to. Both patterns produced lots of nice size fish along with a huge brown we estimated at 7 lbs. - also there must have been another recent plant of dinks - they were all over the area and the hookups with them were too numerous to count. As usual we did better in the faster runs for the bigger fish - the deeper holes produced more of the dinks than quality fish.

Thanksgiving Thursday we went back to the same area - the weather was 4 degrees better and there were a few more anglers out, but still not many. We used the same set ups, but instead of the Orange Glo trailing the earthworm , we tried some new red and orange annelid patterns with glass beadheads and wrapped with wire (calling it the Candy -Lid) that I tied up that morning. Again both the annelids & the worm produced some great fish, including a surprising number of beautiful Browns . I got one that we measured at 24 inches and, believe it or not, Dave landed what we are sure was the same big 7 lb Brown he got the day before in the same spot, even after we released it significantly down river following a terrific fight.

Dave also got to test out some new metal studs for his wading boots that I came across in an older online Hatch magazine article. I got tired of paying the high price for brand “S” cleats and made by Kold Kutter (got them from Amazon)- and they work great and are a fraction of the cost.

Anyway, if you want to brave to winter weather the fishing is good and crowds are down so you’ll have lots of room to roam about. Flows are expected to remain in the 500-600 cfs range for the winter.

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