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MAR. 16 "As directed by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in response to COVID-19, the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD) is closing all New Mexico State Parks effective Monday, March 16 through April 9, 2020." - Unfortunately all of the San Juan quality water is in the Navajo Lake State park and a phone recording says the day use areas are included in the closing.

Mar. 15 

Flows continue to be in the 425 cfs range, and the clarity is still just over 2 ½ feet.

Years ago when I first retired here (and was just learning the ins and outs of the San Juan) I was on the river one day at the Lower Flats and not having much luck. There wasn’t much going on and I had nothing to show for a couple hours of tossing the midge pupa patterns that had worked my last time out. As luck would have it, a young fellow and his girlfriend passed nearby in his drift boat down a stretch I had just worked, and proceeded to catch three nice fish in a few minutes. When I asked what he was using he said a red larva, as there was no bug activity and that’s what the fish would key in on. After he left the area I put on one of the few larva I had in my box, and sure enough started catching fish…. Lesson well learned!

Today I got on the water at the Lower Flats about 10:30 – there were 7 or 8 folks wading in that area – and the first half hour I walked around tossing a mini leech and earthworm combo, trying to find some fish to co-operate, but with no results. Things were slow for everyone except for one fellow fishing 75 yards down below me that brought a beautiful fish that had to be well over 20” to the net. Still not seeing anything in the way of bug activity, I switched to a mini mac with an Orange Glo larva trailing, and immediately started getting bit. The next 90 minutes produced close to a dozen hookups – all on the Orange Glo – of fish mostly in the 16”-18” range including a couple Browns. I got into a couple big fish but lost both when they jumped.

Around 12:30 a moderate hatch of midges started up and fish started rolling on emergers in the run I was working, so I replaced the larva with a size 24 black KF emerger and the action started back up – nothing huge again but nice feisty fish. Unfortunately then the old bones gave out and I had to leave. On the way out river I spotted some nice  fish in the shallows at the bottom of the flats that would have been perfect to target with the Euro indicator. Also just before I got out of the water from the side channel there was a fellow tossing dries to the risers in that area and he said he’d been doing well in that calm water – there were a lot of fish rising through there.

So it turned out to be a wonderful few hours on the water to get away from all of the craziness going on. The weather is starting to get great, and the bugs should start get going with the warmer weather. No word yet on plans for a spring release – the snowpack is only at 75 percent or so of normal so we’ll see.

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