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June 22 - Flows scheduled to go up to 750 cfs on Sunday (6/24) - I'll try to get out next week to check things out - should be excellent!

June 12 

Flows are at 625 cfs (and the water visibility is over 4 ft.

Today I was able to spend 4 hours on the river – first time out since the short flush last week. I got to the Texas Hole lot about 8:30 and there were already quite a few cars in the lot for a week day – the summer increase in anglers has no doubt started. There wasn’t anything going on hatch wise when I got to the Middle Flats so I started out working the deeper holes with a cream Tav Mac & Red Annelid and picked up a few smaller fish it was somewhat slow for the first hour. Shortly after 10 some fish started feeding at the drop off of the hole I was working so I switched to a Darker Tav Mac with a sz 22 mini mac trailing, but had no takers. Looking down at my waders I got one of the answers why – the midges were really small compared to what they have been recently. Also the water is much clearer now, so I switched from the 5x nylon tippet I had been using and went to 6x Fluro with a size 24 mini mac and a size 26 KF emerger trailing, and I started getting bit right away. Other than to re-tie a couple times after breaking off I never changed patterns the rest of the morning.

By this time I was at the top hole of the middle flats – after getting a few smaller takers I got into a one of the quality fish that usually reside there on the KF emerger. After releasing the 20” beauty I spotted 3 or 4 fish that had moved out of the hole to feed in the shallow run above. As normally happens I could not get the flies in their feeding lane with the yarn indicator rig (hard to know where the flies are on a drift in that skinny water with a conventional nymph indicator rig) so I switched leaders to an in-line Euro indictor rig and stuck with that the rest of the morning with good success, working the shallows back down river to the Braids looking for targets to cast to. If you have pondered the idea of learning how to sight fish in the shallows, from now through fall it’s a good time to learn the technique. Look for some faster shallow runs close to the deeper spots – when the bugs get going you will run across fish that have moved out of the deeper spots and into the shallow runs to feed. The in-line version of the Euro indictor is the one to use right now – with the clearer water the fish will shy away from your fly line so the in-line Euro works much better.

If you are headed this way, summer mode is here – smaller midges (sz 24 & 26 pupa and emergers) 6x fluorocarbon tippet, and try to find some moving water as opposed to working the spots with not much current – you’ll see the fish but they have a long time to inspect your offering.  There are reports that the hopper & beetle patterns are getting bit down river but I haven’t had the chance to check that out yet – maybe next trip.

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