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December 3 

Flows are down to 373 cfs and the water clarity is a bit less than 3 feet..

With the prospect of colder weather setting in tomorrow for the next 10 days or so (highs in the 40’s) I headed out to the river for a bit today. I had to drive up to the lake and get my new parking pass and the first thing I noticed was the lake was somewhat off color. Sure enough when I got to the river the visibility was less than 3 feet today so it wouldn’t surprise me if the lake is in the process of turning over – we’ll see.

There weren’t that many cars in the Texas Hole lot today when I got there, but the majority of those there must have gone to the Braids, 'cause that area was jammed with anglers. So instead of nymphing I put on a Super Bunny and headed down river to work the runs below the boat ramp. I had not fished down there for a bit and quickly found that zillions of dinks are on the prowl there as well. If you were fishing dry midge patterns you would have got bit every cast all the way down to the split. They little buggers were trying to eat the bunny but mostly they couldn’t get more than the tail in their mouths (thankfully). Every once in awhile I’d get a better strike, and while it was actually pretty slow, there were enough hard thumps to  keep my interest with a few decent fish to the net.

Around noon I headed back up river to the middle and upper flats areas – same thing happening up there. Lots of little fish rising to the moderate midge hatch, and the usual big fish gathering at your feet to slurp the annelids. I took a few more decent fish on the bunny at the bottom of the lower flats where the water gets faster when I spotted them rolling on emergers. I’d cast 45 degrees to them and let it swing just in front of them with a few strips and they would pound it. When the visibility gets down below 2 feet it should get better on those bigger patterns and the fish won’t be gathering at your feet in those slower sections with the off color conditions.

I didn’t really mind it being slow, as it’s always great to be on the water. If you are headed this way – midges are still small (24 & 26 patterns) – I didn’t see much in the way of baetis today, even though there was good cloud cover. I’d see anglers hooking up from time to time as I’d pass them by, but for the most part it was pretty slow for the better fish. One of those days when the fishing was great but the catching was not so much.




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