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April 8

Navajo operations bumped up the flows to 650 cfs (the gage is reading 600 cfs) due to low flows downstream in the basin.

April 5 

Flows are at 515 cfs and the water visibility is still around 2 ½ feet.

Between orders and some issues with my knee I have not been able to get out on the water for 3 weeks, so I was eagerly looking forward to checking out conditions with the warmer temps. Unfortunately my knee didn’t hold up well and I had to get off of the water after only a couple hours. I did, however, enjoy some excellent action for such a short time period. I started out at the Middle Flats shortly before 10 and there were quite a few anglers already there, so I headed to a spot below one of the runs where there is usually one good fish hanging around a good sized submerged rock. Sure enough after a couple drifts I hooked up using a crème Tav Mac. There wasn’t much in the way of bug activity and after another 10 minutes of nothing but casts I moved down stream to a run with faster water that opened up. I put on a sz 22 mini mac as an attractor with a size 26 KF emerger trailing. I caught 4 or 5 small to medium fish in a short period of time, all on the sz 22 and nothing on the micro pattern, so I switched the trailer to a Tav Mac (a bit bigger than  the mini mac) – both in dark olive. Immediately I started hooking up with some nice bigger fish. There was still no hatch going on but the fish were all over the bigger pattern, so there must be some bigger midges around now. The faster run and a nearby drop off into the deeper hole produced 4 good fish along with some more medium size in short order.  The faster water is still more productive in my opinion that the slower deeper holes that constantly worked over. By the way the fish were quite aggressive with their takes.

There was a hatch starting up around noon when I had to leave and I noticed some good fish rolling on emergers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started  sipping soon after as the water is easily clear enough for some dry action. I was hoping to check out the shallow spots down below through the braids but between the overcast making it hard to see and my knee that didn’t work out. Shouldn’t be too long, though, for the fish to spread out with these higher flows. If you are headed this way definitely bring along some Mac size patterns as the bigger midges can show up from now into May.

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