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Flows remain at 850 cfs and the water is clear.

I fished Sunday and Monday with my friend from California, and we spent both days working both shallow runs with the euro and the back of some of the deeper holes with yarn indicators along the bottom of the Braids. The hatches were moderate both days, however the midges are tiny to say the least right now - usually the case this time of year.

Both mornings size 24 larva & McLarva patterns in red or cream got bit before the hatches got going. We pumped some stomachs of the first few fish and larva was all that were in the contents. Once we started seeing some bugs we switched to pupa & emerger patterns in sizes 26 & 28 – micro zebras, micro KF emergers, micro wd-40’s all in dark olive or black trailing the Mclarva – and those combos took most of the fish. We did, however change the trailer to my new size18 soft hackle (hope to have it available on the website this week) when we couldn’t get the aggressively feeding fish we spotted to take any of the midge patterns, and they added to the count on quite a few occasions. There are certainly no bugs in the upper river that size but at times they will draw reactive strikes, especially as you lift to recast.

All of the spots we caught fish at had one thing in common: current. In this clear water if you target the fish hanging out in the slow pools with a nymph rig your rod won’t get bent much in my opinion – we had zero success no matter what we threw at the still water targets. (we did not try dries though and there were sippers here and there both days.

If you want to learn how to sight fish the shallows with the Euro indicator rig (inline version in this clear water) now is the time to do it – with these higher flows a lot of the fish are spread out and you’ll find fish in a foot of water or less that most anglers walk right by without noticing. Polarized glasses are a must, and the sun needs to be out – cloudy skies make it almost impossible to spot a target in the skinny water. When the flows are dropped in the late fall to 350 or less the fish tend to stack up in the holes and then the shallows don’t have many targets. You won’t have 50 fish days per angler sight fishing, but the quality will be better – we probably had close to 25 fish between us for 1 ½ days and they were all nice fish as we only cast to the bigger targets.

Crowds are down a bit with summer vacations winding down and it is a good time to get on the river before the fall brings the angler counts back up high.

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