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July 2

Flows are at 825 cfs – water visibility is good.

Having caught up on orders and with the weather forecast looking great, off to the river I headed this morning. I arrived at the Texas Hole lot much earlier than I normally do, just a bit after 8 and there weren’t that many folks around yet. I walked up to the Upper Flats and had the whole place to myself for most of the morning.

There was already a good hatch going on – birds were picking them off all over the area, but there were no fish rising or rolling that I could spot. The first thing I noticed was the increase of flows – I hadn’t looked at the flow chart before I left as they had been at 500 cfs for so long, so I was surprised (turns out they raised it yesterday to 800 cfs). There weren’t any fish where there had been last time out with the lower flows, so there was lots of searching to try to find some fish in spots with current. I’m not a big fan of just casting blind, especially up there, but that’s what I had to do for a majority of the morning. With a lot of food coming down to them they don’t have to move much to eat, and if you can’[t spot a feeding fish to get a good drift on it’s mostly casting and mending practice

Anyway, between the flow change (sometimes it can take a couple days for the fish to settle down with the new conditions) and the heavy angling pressure the past few weeks, it wound up being a challenging day. When I could find a fish feeding in some current I’d get bit – I spent a lot of time casting to some of the numerous targets in the slow water, with no results. One of my customers asked my a week or so ago the key to success of those slow water fish – they are really tough to hook up – in the slow, clear water they have a long time to inspect your offering. I tried everything I could think of to toss at them – nada to the net. I wound of with 4 hookups in 2 ½ hours – all on micro patterns – the midges were small – had to work hard with a lot of casts.

I headed downstream to check things out at Middle Flats and the Braids – Middle Flats was jammed with anglers as usual, but I picked up a couple nice fish in some fast shallow water with a curv-e-lid. When there are lots of folks wading around kicking up annelids that’s a good pattern to try.

On my way to the parking lot I chatted with another local angler who fishes several times a week on the river, and he had pretty much the same slow day. No worries tho – it was an awesome day on the water and it was great to get away from the tying table. By the way – speaking of the tying table – if you are planning a trip and are thinking about ordering some flies, allow a few extra days – the post office delivery times are lagging behind some.

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