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October 12

Flows are at 500 cfs and the water is clear.

Today I got in a few hours on the river, meeting a friend at Cable Hole. I had not fished up there for some time, and the current patterns there have certainly changed since the flush. Lots of folks in that area as well, so spots were at a premium. There was a substantial midge hatch starting just after 10 am, and that got the fish going pretty well. It wasn’t wide open, but we had a good number of hookups on some pretty big fish.

Two keys for success today – the first was finding a spot with some current that dropped off into the deeper holes. Fishing the slower holes did not produce – the fish have too long to inspect your offering in the clear conditions. Second was using smaller size patterns once the hatch got going – size 24 yong specials & mini macs got some fish early, but switching to sz 26’s produced much better when the bugs started showing up in numbers. And my friend went to 28’s shortly before I had to leave and had continued success. Foam wings in size 26 & Micro KF emergers in sizes 26 & 28 did the job – black, grey, & red (I just added the red color to both patterns on the website and they produced well – don’t know why I didn’t think of red for them before).

There is one drawback to the micro size hooks – be prepared to lose some nice fish at times. It’s easy to pull the hook out if you apply too much pressure (I had lots of issues with that today – I farmed a couple of real hogs). And the bigger fish will also come unbuttoned on their own sometimes – but better to have that problem than not get bit.

Takes on the bigger fish were very subtle for the most part – lots of dinks in the area were more aggressive. For those who have never tried yarn as an indicator, I highly recommend our yarn kit. If you are fishing the plastic indicators you’re probably missing out on some nice fish (my friend can attest -  I got him switched over this year). And they super easy to slide up and down your leader to change depths.

If you are headed this way look forward to a great time on the water – The leaves on the cottonwoods have just turned, the temps right now are great, and the fish are hungry. By the way – bring along your long johns and wool socks – with the cooler temps you may be uncomfortable wading without them.


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