Hand tied Dry Fly Leader
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Hand tied Dry Fly Leader

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Hand Tied Dry Fly Leader

These are hand tied nylon dry fly leaders using George Harvey formulas designed to lay down on the water with a gentle S curve, helping to minimize drag. If you’ve never tossed dries with a hand tied leader, you’ll find they turn over better than a tapered nylon leader.

Our hand tied leaders are built with stiffer nylon butt sections , soft nylon middle sections, and a Suppleflex tippet section making them ideal for delicate presentations of smaller fly patterns. The tippet is connected with a small tippet ring, allowing for easy addition of new tippet as it shortens from changing flies and greatly increasing the life of your leader! We use tippet rings for all of our rigs, and many well known experts like Gary Borger and Lefty Kreh are comfortable using them.

Available for 4wt and 5wt rods in 10 ft lengths:

4wt 5x tippet 

4wt 6x tippet 

5wt 5x tippet 

5wt 6x tippet