Hybrid Nymphing Leader
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Hybrid Nymphing Leader

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 Hybrid Nymphing Leader 9.5 feet

If you nymph in clear water and want to use the benefit of fluorocarbon line when targeting wary trout, but have issues with the fluoro leader sinking between your fly line and your indicator, this hybrid leader is the answer! We've taken a Rio nylon leader and added a lower section of 3x fluorocarbon and a 2mm tippet ring. Just add your split shot above the tippet ring, tie on 4x, 5x, or 6x  fluoro tippet for your flies to the tippet ring and you are set (with the tippet ring your leader won't shorten when you change flies - just add tippet when needed). 

With the nylon butt section that rides on the surface film it is much easier to mend, not to mention it creates less drag on your drift - the fluoro section sinks down below your favorite indicator for low visibility. For best results put a bit of paste floatant on the last foot of your fly line on down a foot or so of the leader.

Works better at less cost - Win Win!!