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The San Juan River Quality Water section is known to be very technical at times. Along with trying to match the size of whatever bugs happen to be present at any given time, good presentation will result in increased success while stalking the trophy trout that reside in the waters of this world class fishery. During the summer, fall and early winter months before the lake turns over, the water is crystal clear and good presentation of your flies is a must, along with using leaders and tippet with the least visibility to the fish, especially in the deeper, slower sections. That’s where Fluorocarbon comes in for nymphing. There is much debate in the fishing world about the benefits of Fluoro vs Nylon, but if you talk with an experienced fisherman they’ll more than likely state they catch more fish with Fluoro rigs in clear water.

We also offer hand tied dry fly leaders using Harvey slack line formulas that are designed to lay out in a gentle S curve on the water for less drag on your drift. Add some Rio Suppleflex tippet, ideal for small dry fly patterns.

Below you will find Varivas, Trouthunter, and Rio leaders and tippet we use that are specifically designed for delicate presentation with small fly patterns to wary trout.

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