Micro Midges

At San Juan River Flies we offer something very few fly sites offer, micro size patterns.  If you come to fish the San Juan River and you are not prepared for a midge population that is sporadically size 26, or 28, then your 22s and 24s will seem huge and the trout may refuse them. There is no reason for you to give up and leave in anticipation of a bigger hatch tomorrow.  Big fish, really big fish, can be hooked and netted on micro size flies. 

Our Micro Midges are tied on Gamakatsu large eye barbless midge hooks, making it easy to thread your tippet, and you don't have to struggle to pinch the barb for catch and release sections, and they are super sharp!

We recommend using the Davy knot to attach these patterns to your tippet for a smaller profile. (See our video)

22" San Juan River rainbow taken on size 28 Micro Zebra Midge

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