San Juan River Fly Patterns

I retired to Aztec, NM from southern California for the same reasons so many anglers return annually to fish here, the San Juan River.  The difference being I have daily access to one of the most amazing trout fisheries in North America. The average fish netted in these parts is between 16” and 18” with many exceeding the magical 20” catch. Water access to the San Juan is unrestricted, the terrain is manageable, and the scenery includes beaver, deer, eagles and cranes.  Sections of the river have names like Texas hole, Cable Hole, Upper and Lower Flats. This glorious place on earth is simply fantastic and a dream come true for a retiree with a passion for trout fishing.

My frequent access to the river affords me constant opportunity to research what bugs, insects and terrestrials the trout are keying into most often and during which parts of the year.  This section of my site is dedicated to proven fly patterns, colors and sizes specifically for the San Juan River.

One thing I hope you notice is that San Juan River Flies offers something very few fly sites offer: micro size patterns.  If you come to fish the San Juan River and you are not prepared for a midge hatch that is sporadically size 26, 28, or 30, then your 22s and 24s will seem huge and the trout may refuse them. There is no reason for you to give up and leave in anticipation of a bigger hatch tomorrow. Big fish, really big fish, can be hooked and netted on micro size flies.  I know it because my clients and I do it repeatedly.

So prepare to come fish this amazing fishery by having the flies that work. Call or email if you have special requests or to discuss a rush order. Thank you again for shopping at San Juan River Flies.

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