Yarn Indicator Kit
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Yarn Indicator Kit

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Yarn Indicator Kit - These indicators are great for subtle takes!!!

I have always been a big fan of yarn indicators as they are so sensitive, but the slip knot attachment is awful when you need to adjust the depth.   I was on the lookout for something more user friendly , and ran across a youtube video of‘ Colorado’s Pat Dorsey technique using poly yarn with rubber bands. I have been using Dorsey’s set-up for some time now, and it is great! Easy to rig, easy to adjust (immediately adjustable and does not kink or crimp your leader), floats well and is extremely sensitive. 

Note: when you rig the yarn make sure the band is pushed up well over the base of the yarn.

Apply a bit of floatant (Loon Aquel works great - won't matt) with the velcro brush and it will float high - give it  a false cast if need be to shake off the water.

Includes 25 bands, 3 ft. of poly cord, & velcro brush - enough for many trips on the water

available in Yellow, Tan, Cerise, Orange

View this indicator in action and instructions on how to rig it: